Religion is the belief that there is a supernatural being that governs everything. This includes a system set by a specific group of individuals that relates the human existence to the supernatural and spiritual elements. Religion is what human being resort to when faced with unexplainable truth and realities beyond his grasp. Knowing that a certain being has it all figured out gives humanity confidence in what is the unknown.How does religion affect our life?Religion, in itself, does not have an immediate effect on our lives. But how religion influences our daily actions and decisions does.

Having faith, belief, and trust despite uncertainties are what fuel us to keep moving forward.Every day people hustle, constantly improving to achieve a “good life.” What is this “good life” that we are after and how does having faith bring you closer to this life? The definite and absolute answer is unknown up to this day. The truth is the “good life” is subjective or different for each individual. For some, it can mean possession of material things whilst some see as good life as the ability to share with other people. What does religion have to do with the life we are living? For sure, not all wealthy man in the world has a religion. Yet, some may claim they are living the good life.

Others might argue between having a good life versus having a good life. If claiming all the material things in the world is considered a good life, why do some wealthy man still feel empty? Why do we have celebrities, like Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and Robin Williams, commit suicide?There proves to be a deeper meaning in life than acquiring all the wealth in the world. The truth is you can never own the Earth nor would have the physical capacity to manage it harmoniously. Not even the strongest president or king can. We are but a speck on this vast universe without supernatural powers.Religion reminds us that there is a being who exists wilder and bigger than our imagination.

Our religious beliefs become the foundation of our values that helps us to make a sound decision. It allows us to find fulfillment even in the smallest thing. Walking into nature reminds you that if someone is looking after the birds in the sky, what more it is for a human-like you. This brings in a different perspective where we then find happiness even in the ordinary. With such a mindset, we then create a caring attitude towards the people and the environment. What goes around comes around.The good life is the destination, religion is your Waze or map and spirituality is the SUV that drives you to your destination. In this world where are constantly exposed to stress that messes our life, your faith and beliefs will save you. One of the root causes of stress or burn out is trying to control what we can’t control. As a human, we don’t have the power to CONTROL, but we have the power to SURRENDER. To surrender to the supernatural being who has control over everything. This is what religion teaches.